The tried-and-true method for permanently eradicating your postpartum muffin top and regaining your pre-pregnancy body’s shape. 6 tips to help you get in shape after having a baby.

No doubt about it, becoming a mother changes our bodies in a significant way. Pregnancy can be a time of empowerment, but it can also be a time of disappointment once the baby is born. And new changes are brought about by each new baby.

I’d like to share my tips on how to stay in shape after having children because if we don’t take care of our bodies, we could end up with some nasty substantial changes (think of being not able to laugh or stop breathing then without an unpleasant surprise!).

It’s never too late at that point your body get back in shape after a pregnancy or delivery, no matter however many changes it goes through. Having a baby makes it all too easy to fall into bad habits. A packet of cookies or a bag of Potato Chips is all that is needed to satisfy our late-night cravings. I know what I’m talking about!

1. The first step is to concentrate on your core competencies.

After birth, our core, which functions as the brain and command centre for our entire body, is seriously compromised. There is no amount of exercise that will return your flat stomach unless visitors rebuild your core, which can cause injury if it is not functioning properly.

The 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels helped me shed a significant amount of weight after my third child, but my throat still looked bloated and jelly-like, which baffled me.

When it came to my abs, I’d been doing more harm than good. This is the place to begin, and it should be as simple as possible. My diastasis recti was successfully treated with the Mutu System (separated tummy muscles). I completed their 12-week programme to rehabilitate my body’s core. You should check out this programme if you want to get rid of your mummy tummy!

2. Begin slowly.

To get started, get a doctor’s clearance and choose something you’re interested in, but at a beginner’s level. Be aware that your body is still vulnerable and requires special attention. Insanity training or marathon training are not the best ways to get started. You’ll only demotivate yourself and your body won’t be able to handle the strain and you’ll end up injuring yourself.

3. Plan but also stick to it.

What’s most important is that you keep going, no matter what kind of exercise you’re doing. Make a strategy and jot it down to keep it up to date. For whatever reason, don’t skip your next workout. The only thing to do is keep moving forward!

4. Reduce your caloric intake to the minimum necessary

Crisps and biscuits are two of the most common causes of a mummy tummy. Even though these foods are the most pleasurable to eat while breastfeeding (and at any other time in your life), they are harmful to you and your child. Consume Ryvita but instead peanut butter, cheese-filled oatmeal cakes, boiled eggs, and an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables as a snack. Instead of hobnobs for those late-night snacks, keep a bunch of bananas beside the your bed.

5. Sleep and relaxation

As a beginner, it’s important to take regular rest days and get plenty of sleep in order to recuperate from your workouts. In order to ensure that your body receives the rest it requires for recovery, aim to go to bed 30 minutes earlier than you normally would. To get started, aim for three days of exertion per week, with at least 5 minutes of post – natal core work on each day. With babies at a year old, I never exercised for more than 20 minutes at a time, but I never missed a workout as well as made the most of every minute.

6. Lose fat instead of weight.

There is no reason for me to own a fat scale at this point in my life. We can obsess over the number here on scale that we need to reach before we can be satisfied. As a result, even if you’re losing weight and building muscle, you may not notice any change in your weight. Instead of trying to lose weight, focus on staying healthy. When I begin a new exercise regimen, a first thing I do know is that my body shape changes before my weight does.

Let’s get our week off to a great start by getting some exercise in! What kind of workout are you going to do?